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The 20th Jeonju International Film Festival unveils the ‘Jeonju Cinema Project 2019’ Lineup

KUKDO (working title) (Director JEON Jeehee),
the Breathing of the fire (Director KO Hee-young),
The Tears of Isadora (working title) (Director Damien MANIVEL),
Between Times (working title) (Director KIM Jong-Kwan)
- The new waves of ‘Made in Jeonju’

The Jeonju International Film Festival (Jeonju IFF) announced the ‘Jeonju Cinema Project (JCP) 2019’ lineup. Jeonju IFF has presented the following four films, KUKDO (working title) (Director JEON Jeehee), the Breathing of the fire (Director KO Hee-young), The Tears of Isadora (working title) (Director Damien MANIVEL), Between Times (working title) (Director KIM Jong-Kwan) as the ‘JCP 2019’ which will premiere at the 20th Jeonju IFF.

Jeonju IFF´s select\ion of various independent films will not only show its identity as the hub of independent films but also prove that JCP is willing to have a strong foundation of the JCP production program.

Last September, director JEON Jeehee wrapped shooting KUKDO (working title), a film about the protagonist Gi-tae who studies in Seoul to become a lawyer but moves back to his hometown Beolgyo as South Korea abolishes the national bar exam. However Gi-tae unexpectedly finds solace in his hometown, a place he considered to be devoid of hope and affection. The cast of talented actors raise the film’s expectation. LEE Dong Hwi will play the protagonist ‘Gi-tae’, Gi-tae’s elementary school classmate ‘Young-eun’ will be played by LEE Sang Hee, LEE Hanwi stars as the KUKDO Theater manager ‘Mr. O’ and SHIN shin-ae will play Gi-tae’s mother. Through this film, director JEON Jeehee wishes to cheer up those who are exhausted and shout out to them, “You are not worthless but perfect just the way you are”.

KO Hee-young, a promising director who won the 17th Jeonju IFF Korean Competition special mention and the CGV Arthouse distribution support prize with her film Breathing Underwater, visits Jeonju again with her film the Breathing of the fire. the Breathing of the fire is a documentary about the potter CHUN Habong’s lifetime struggle with fire to create the Chosun Dynasty’s traditional bowl ‘Maksabal’ and the potter’s daughter’s long wait to inherit her father’s fire. The director expresses her strong will to make a highly accomplished film by stating, “As a masterpiece is created with the patience of facing a 1300 degree fire, I want to be unbreakable and strong enough to overcome the hardships and create a film masterpiece”.

The Tears of Isadora (working title) was produced with the Jeonju IFF’s investment as the select\ion of the 1st JCP Next Edition, a program launched last year in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Jeonju Project Market. Once a dancer and a circus artist, the director Damien MANIVEL won the Best Picture Prize at the 18th Jeonju IFF with the film The Park and premiered the co-directed film with KOHEI Igarashi, The Night I Swam at the 19th Jeonju IFF. The Tears of Isadora (working title) was inspired by the legendary dancer Isadora DUNCAN and her creation of the solo entitled “Mother”, a dance created following the death of her two children. The director shares his intention of making the film as,“I paint the portrait of four women connected through the solo and hope to show that dance, whatever our body, age, or past, can help us face this world”.

KIM Jong-Kwan, a director who portrays the sensitive emotions of the current generation through films like The Worst Woman and The Table, joins the Jeonju Cinema Project with the film Between Times (working title). The story of Between Times (working title) is told through a man meeting and talking to various people on the street. The protagonist goes through a change of heart after listening to heart-breaking stories about memories, death and separations. KIM Jong-Kwan is an acclaimed director invited to many film festivals all around the world and acknowledged for his signature styles. Through the film, the director wishes to tell the story of death, loss and loneliness by coming and going from reality to fiction. He also wanted to portray where creativity comes from and for whom it is headed for. The director also shares a few words on being select\ed. “I am grateful and fortunate to meet the Jeonju Cinema Project because it is very hard and rare to constantly produce low-budget films in South Korea”.

The four select\ions of ‘JCP 2019’ will have its world premiere at the 20th Jeonju IFF which will run from May 2 to May 11.

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