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Jeonju Project Market announces the Jeonju Cinema Fund Project Selections

-A total of seven projects were select\ed
-The seven projects will be introduced at the 11th Jeonju Project Market Promotion event

The Jeonju International Film Festival (Jeonju IFF) revealed the ‘Jeonju Cinema Fund (JCF)’ project select\ions. The Jeonju IFF select\ed the following seven projects, Birth (Director YOO Jiyoung), Boys (Director JUNG Hyungsuk), My Missing Aunt (Director YANG Juyeon), The eldest son (Director OH Jung-min), Far Place (Director PARK Kunyoung), Corydoras (Director RYU Hyungseok) and My name is Kim (Director JEONG Su-eun) as the JCF projects that will be presented at the 11th Jeonju Project Market.

The JCF, a project development fund established to discover and support new and diverse projects, called for entries from November 9 to 30, 2018. The select\ion committee, comprising KIM Tae-won (Head of Contents Business at Contents Panda),SONG Hyun-young (Jeonju Cinema Project Executive Producer), SHIN Yeonshick (Director), OH Hee-jung (Producer), LEE Hyuk Sang (Director) and CHOI Moon-su (Producer), select\ed a total of seven projects.

The JCF select\ion committee stated that among the documentaries, which mostly dealt with social issues and historical values, My Missing Aunt, Corydoras and My name is Kim stood out for reflecting oneself and their life. The select\ed feature films, Birth, Boys, The eldest son and Far Place, portrays a relationship between a person and a particular society. The committee expects that the four feature films will expand the scope of independent fiction films.

YOO Jiyoung won the Best Director’s Prize with her short film Confession in the Korean Competition for Shorts at the 12th Jeonju IFF and received attention for her first feature film Duck Town (2016). The director’s new film, Birth, is about a writer who publishes her first short story but gets pregnant unexpectedly and goes through a hard time. The film sympathizes and raises the question about how it is hard nowadays to not only live as a woman but also as a female artist.

Director JUNG Hyungsuk, who won the Grand Prize in the Korean Competition at the 19th Jeonju IFF with the film The Land of Seonghye, presents Boys as his next film. If The Land of Seonghye depicted the hard life of the 29-year-old Seonghye, Boys traces the 14-year-old teenager Dongho. The film focuses on the important current issue of juvenile crime and make the audience reflect on whether we truly know about the lives of teenagers.

Director YANG Juyeon was invited to various well-known film festivals in Korea with her short films Shadow of the City (2013), Song of Tomorrow (2014) and The Trail of Grandma’s Home (2015). Her documentary My Missing Aunt is about her aunt, who committed suicide in the 1970s. The director tracks down the cause of her suicide by confronting the frustrations and pains her aunt went through as a women and the oldest daughter of the Yang family.

The eldest son from director OH Jung-min, covers the dark side of patriarchy through a family at a funeral, fighting over their grandparents inheritance. The film, which takes in the director’s hometown Daegu, also embodies the regional characteristics of the region Daegu. By focusing on the detailed story of the family, the film reflects a mark of history from a macroscopic point of view.

Director PARK Kunyoung’s film Far Place investigates about relationships. The film depicts a shepherd, who lives in a ranch in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do raising sheep’s, and the people around shepherd. Far Place looks closely on the people who seem to be simultaneously close and far away.

Corydoras is a documentary about the protagonist PARK Dongsu’s memory, who has written poems for over ten years while raising a tropical fish Corydoras. The director RYU Hyungseok does not objectify the lives of the disabled people but focuses on the beautiful poems the PARK Dongsu wrote, his precious Corydoras and the interpretation of PARK Dongsu´s shadow.

Director JEONG Su-eun, who depicted the life of the director’s grandfather as a Korean War Veteran through the film One Warm Spring Day, once again gives insights to the history of war through the film My name is Kim. Discovered at the U.S National Archives, the film My name is Kim is based on a classified document about a Korean People’s Army solider KIM Jaepil. The documentary illustrates the story of the friendship between the soldier KIM Jaepil and the enemy, a U.S army soldier.

The seven projects will receive the first development grant and go through four months of development. The projects will be introduced at the JCF Promotion event and be awarded the second development grant after the final evaluation. Among the seven projects, one project will be select\ed as one of the ‘Jeonju Cinema Project’, a Jeonju IFF production program.

The seven JCF projects will be introduced at the 20th Jeonju IFF’s 11th Jeonju Project Market, which will run from May 5 to 7.

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