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PROGRAM - Jeonju Cinema Project

Jeonju Cinema Project

  • Jeonju Cinema Project, entering its the 4th edition this year, selects three films for the upcoming project in 2017, and those three are all Korean films. The Korean independent film industry has long stagnated and thus has not aesthetically impacted the mainstream film industry nor achieved a significant accomplishment. Paradoxically, however, it implies that there is hope that the potential of an independent film will soon explode beyond its threshold of a crucial point. To accelerate the cognition of hope, Jeonju Cinema Project decides to devote everything to Korean independent films particularly this year.

    Kim Dae-hwan, who showed the possibility of a Korean road movie with his debut film End of Winter, created his second film, The First Lap, a work that puts much expectation on the potential of film language to sublimate an insecure family narrative to the scars of landscapes.

    The Poet and The Boy directed by Kim Yang-hee, who won the Grand Prize of 'Feature Film Pitching' at JPM, is a dramatic contrast between artistic transcendence and life's metamorphosis in the everyday lives of poets and couples and it is co-produced with CGV Art House

    Lee Chang-jae's documentary Project N, which overlooks the life of former President Roh Moo-hyun, is a work that once again hopes for the power of a documentary of political material, following Spy Nation which caused great repercussions at the Jeonju International Film Festival.
  • World Premiere
    Jeonju Cinema Project Our President (Project N)
    LEE Chang-jae
  • World Premiere
    Jeonju Cinema Project The First Lap
    KIM Dae-hwan
  • World Premiere
    Jeonju Cinema Project The Poet and The Boy
    KIM Yang-hee