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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape

  • The eighteenth Korea Cinemascape has nominated thirteen feature films and six short films. The feature film section plays films with the unique degree of completion, which includes new works of the directors, those directed more than three films, and works not taking part of competition. A Living Being is a new film directed by Min Byungkook, who also directed Possible Changes. Possible Changes was the opening film of Jeonju IFF in 2004. Loser’s Adventure is a new film directed by Ko Bongsoo, who previously directed Delta Boys, the grand prize-winning film of Jeonju IFF in 2016. Finding Angel was produced by KIM Seongjun and filmed in Jeonju. An emotional human drama, The Return, was directed by Heo Chul. A debut film of Kwon Boa is Autumn Sonata, which was directed by Lim Wangtae. The Way, which was directed by Jung Inbong, is an omnibus film starring Kim Haeja as the main character.

    Other notable documentaries are playing as well. State-authorized Textbook, which is directed by Baek Seungwoo, approaches problems associated with the national history textbook by analyzing national and international politics, terrains, and history. About My Bicycle, directed by Park Donghyun, introspects divided ideology of this society
    in relation to his maturation. Mis-President directed by Kim Jaehwan questions how the myth of Park Geun-hye was established and then, was demolished by dissecting thought processes of hot-blooded members from Parksamo (a community that loves Park, Geun-hye) through interviews with an elderly and a couple. The Painter’s View illuminates the life of Lee Joong-seob in a peculiar way. Red Brick addresses lives of female laborers in a historical perspective. Baek-gu deals with perspectives of this society regarding animal rights. Legacy of the Memories is a documentary about Korean War.

    In this section, six short films will be playing as well. Yozoh directed the film, Best Driver. A witty school satirical drama, Unexpected Fart, was directed by Park Danbi, Empty Room directed by Yoon Insang was filmed in Jeonju. Hide and Seek was directed by Kim Jin-a. Glimmering was directed by Chae Hanyoung.
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape A Living Being
    MIN Byungkook
    Korea, France2017113minDCPFiction
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape About My Bicycle
    PARK Donghyun
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape Autumn Sonata
    LIM Wangtae
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape Baek-gu
    KIM Boram
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape Finding Angel
    KIM Seongjun
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape Legacy of the Memories
    JEONG Heedo, LEE Seyoung
    Korea, UK201771minHDDocumentary
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape Loser’s Adventure
    KO Bongsoo
  • Korea Cinemascape Master
    JOH Uiseok
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape Mis-President
    KIM Jaehwan
  • Korea Cinemascape Red Brick
    JOO Hyunsook
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape State-authorized Textbook
    BAEK Seungwoo
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape The Painter`s View
    KIM Heechul
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape The Return
    HEO Chul
  • World Premiere
    Korea Cinemascape The Way
    JUNG Inbong