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PROGRAM - Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema

  • In order to deliver the purpose of Expanded Cinema, the 18th Jeonju IFF has tried to incorporate diverse and experimental works quantitatively as well as qualitatively. The number of feature films has expended to thirteen with various aspects.

    It is a chance to meet masters of Avant garde cinema with feature films of Expanded Cinema since their new works are presented as well. Patrick Bokanowski, a master of art film experimenting collaboration of pictures, drawings, and films, brings out A Solar Dream. Known as a legendary art film writer of Europe, Boris Lehman delivers an artistic will, Funeral (On the Art of Dying). In Hermia & Helena, Matias Pineiro tries to make a creative reinterpretation of Shakespeare using 『A Midsummer Night´s Dream』 as a source of inspiration. Kevin Jerome Everson, a workhorse writer representing American underground movies, presents Tonsler Park.

    The possibility of expansion is tested by other films as well. Rat Film is an unique essay documentary about history and culture of a city. A three-dimensional documentary by Andrew Dominik, One More Time with Feeling, embodies a loss of a musician Nick Cave, who lost his son from an accident, transforming into music with the use of amazing audiovisual tools. El Mar La Mar is an essay film drawing lives of people living in the desert with the audiovisual tools such as 16 milimeter camera and contrapuntal sound. LI Hongqi´s Hooly Bible II delineates a realm of dark insensibility in Chinese
    society with the distance created by a carefree use of the camera.

    Take a look at new short films with creative visions such as Fajr by Lois Patino, who is regular in Expanded Cinema, The Hunchback by Ben Rivers, A Train Arrives at the Station by Thom Anderson, and August, which is a three-dimensional movie by Omer Fast, a media art writer and a film director.
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  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema A Solar Dream
    Patrick BOKANOWSKI
  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema All the Cities of the North
    Dane KOMLJEN
    Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro2016100minDCPDocumentary
  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema Children are Not Afraid of Death, Children are Afraid of Ghosts
    RONG Guang Rong
  • Expanded Cinema El Mar La Mar
  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema Funeral (on the Art of Dying)
    Boris LEHMAN
  • Expanded Cinema Hermia & Helena
    Matías PIÑEIRO
    USA, Argentina201687minDCPFiction
  • Expanded Cinema Hooly Bible II
    LI Hongqi
  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema How I Fell in Love with Eva Ras
    André Gil MATA
    Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina201674minDCPDocumentary
  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith
    Stuart A. STAPLES
  • Expanded Cinema One More Time with Feeling
    Andrew DOMINIK
  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema Rat Film
    Theo ANTHONY
  • Expanded Cinema The Dreamed Path
    Angela SCHANELEC
  • Asian Premiere
    Expanded Cinema Tonsler Park
    Kevin Jerome EVERSON