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PROGRAM - Midnight Cinema

Midnight Cinema

  • The ´Midnight Cinema´ is consisted of nine films and three programs. These invitational works have a clear cut of specialization in genres as well as styles. Their level of expression becomes more audacious. Included works are Dawn of the Felines, which is one of porno reboot projects started in 2016 by Nikkatsu studio of Japan, Antiporno, and The Eye’s Dream, which is another roman porno film. These three roman porno films are not only recognized for their bold expression, but also for a new potential film expression.

    There are works revealing self-consciousness toward the films and genres by utilizing strong visual expressions. The Transfiguration by Michael O’shea reinterprets customs of vampire films. In a shady criminal drama, Dogs, Rumanians use a hardboiled style to depict anxiety of an isolated being in a violent world. The Invisible Guest, which is a Spanish film, brings out elements of tension and surprise by applying rules of turnabout thriller.

    Known as the king of V cinema, Japan, Miike Takashi tries to retain a reputation of his series through The Molesong-Hong Kong Capriccio. T2: Transpotting is a sequel of Scottish youngs, who used to do drugs and yet return as middle-aged men after twenty years passed, and shows where this aimless race leads.
  • Midnight Cinema Antiporno
    SONO Sion
  • Midnight Cinema Dawn of the Felines
    SHIRAISHI Kazuya
  • Midnight Cinema Dogs
    Bogdan MIRICA
    Romania, France, Bulgaria, Qatar2016104minDCPFiction
  • Asian Premiere
    Midnight Cinema Game of Death
    Sebastien LANDRY, Laurence BAZ MORAIS
    Canada, France, USA201773minDCPFiction
  • Midnight Cinema T2: Trainspotting
    Danny BOYLE
  • Midnight Cinema The Eye´s Dream
    SATO Hisayasu
    Japan, USA2016102minDCPFiction
  • Midnight Cinema The Invisible Guest
    Oriol PAULO
  • Midnight Cinema The Mole Song-Hong Kong Capriccio
    MIIKE Takashi
  • Asian Premiere
    Midnight Cinema The Transfiguration
    Michael O'SHEA