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PROGRAM - Jeonju Dome Screening

Jeonju Dome Screening

  • Outdoor Screening at Jeonju Dome, which is a newly designed facility, will provide the most perfect opportunities to watch films. Outdoor screenings in Jeonju Dome will create a festive atmosphere with performances and special guests.

    A variety of human dramas will fill the outdoor space. Ivan Tsarevitch And the Changing Princess: Four Enchanting Tales is a silhouette animation directed by Michel Ocelot. Open at Night deals with one night disturbance in Paris. Lost in Paris also is another adventure story in Paris. With the theme of joy, Maudie depicts art and life of Moudi Louis, who left numerous pieces of artwork and sculptures. Little Harbour is a project of Jarka, a teenage girl in her effort to become a mother of twins. In addition, guests and audience will get together to share a moment of joy through Liberation Day, a music video and yet, a travel journal to North Korea by Slavonian band, and Asura: The City of Madness, one of the most important Korean movies in the previous year.

    Two animation will be showing on day and night of Children´s day. Pat and Mat will be playing for free as a special screening for audience of Children´s day. The cinema version of The Jungle Book, which is a memorable film that a whole family can enjoy, will be playing at night.
  • Jeonju Dome Screening [Special Screening] Pat & Mat
    Marek BENES
    Czech Republic201683minDCPAnimation
  • Jeonju Dome Screening Asura: The City of Madness
    KIM Sungsoo
  • Jeonju Dome Screening Ivan Tsarevitch And the Changing Princess
    Michel OCELOT
  • Asian Premiere
    Jeonju Dome Screening Liberation Day
    Morten TRAAVIK, Ugis OLTE
    Norway, Latvia201698minDCPDocumentary
  • Jeonju Dome Screening Little Harbour
    Iveta GROFOVA
  • Jeonju Dome Screening Lost in Paris
    Dominique ABEL, Fiona GORDON
    France, Belgium201683minDCPFiction
  • Asian Premiere
    Jeonju Dome Screening Maudie
    Aisling WALSH
    Canada, Ireland2016115minDCPFiction
  • Asian Premiere
    Jeonju Dome Screening Open at Night
    Edouard BAER
  • Jeonju Dome Screening The Jungle Book: The Legend of the Giant Claw