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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition

Korean Competition


DIRECTOR HWANG Kyuil Korean CompetitionWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 2017108minDCPcolor Fiction
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Dusang who suffers from prosopagnosia comes up to Seoul to look for his first love Saem. Three different women come across his path soon after he arrives. To Him, they all appear to be Saem.

  • Review

    Dusang, suffering from face blindness, comes to Seoul to find his first love. He works as a delivery guy at a Chinese restaurant near her college. One day, he is hit and ran by a woman who looks like his first love.
    Saem is a unique comedy. What is the meaning of finding his first love when he can’t tell the difference in how she looks? If one´s appearance doesn´t hint anything about his/her identity, it´s like living in vanity in everyday life. In his first feature film, Hwang Kyuil unfolds a series of unfamiliar, dumbfounding plots to tactfully satirize the perpetuity of relationship while portraying his romantic view of love. Ryu Sunyoung who received attention for Our Love Story last year embodies an interesting character who offers continuous care and curiosity for the protagonist. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director HWANG Kyuil
    Screenplay HWANG Kyuil
    Producer IM yeonju
    Cinematography KIM Jihyun
    Art Director JUNG Yujin
    Editor HWANG Kyuil
    Music KANG Taegong, HWANG Jooyoung
    Cast CHOI Junyoung, RYU Sunyoung, JOE Jaeyoung



"Born in 1984. The director and script writer. He studied filmmaking at the Korea National University of arts. Deaf and Wind(2013), his short animation film, screened at dragon and tiger of Vancouver international film festival in 2014 and another black comedy short film, Av Humanites(2016) premiered at the Buchon fantastic film festival. The love story, Saem(2017) is his first feature film."