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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition for Shorts

Korean Competition for Shorts

Alone Together

DIRECTOR BAE Kyungheon Korean Competition for ShortsWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201728minDCPcolor Fiction
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Juwon, a personal assistant, has helped Kyung-min, a visually impaired woman for a year. Her feeling for Juwon is more than just gratitude. Juwon, however, decides to steal Kyungmin´s guide dog to pay for her boyfriend’s debt.

  • Review

    Kyung-min, who is a visually impaired masseur, has feelings for Juwon, an assistant who supports the disabled. To pay her boyfriend’s debt, Juwon reluctantly steals Kyung-min’s guide dog. Alone Together is a film about solitude before it is about poverty. Though it portrays self-destructive survival method of the youth, it has no interest in blaming Juwon. Though she genuinely tries to help the disabled, the malicious structure of destitution forces her to exploit the pain of the weak. The film focuses on the warmth of others that lonely people desperately long for rather than the sad reality of their lives, especially when you compare the dry touch at the beginning with the heavy touch at the end of the film. Even the lonely ambient sound generated by the fridge feels friendly. So, Alone Together, is also about the warmth of contact. [SONG Hyojoung]

  • Credit

    Director BAE Kyungheon
    Screenplay BAE Kyungheon
    Producer LEE Soo-a
    Cinematography JEONG Jongheon
    Art Director HYUN Malgeum
    Editor BAE Kyungheon
    Music CHOI Saebom
    Cast LEE Jooyoung, CHOI Yusong, KIM Pankyum


BAE Kyungheon

Born in 1984, Gwangju. He studied at Korea University, Korean Academy of Film Arts. He directed the short films Inside Out(2014), Seojong(2014) and Allure(2015), which was screened at the 41st Seoul Independent Film Festival.