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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition

Korean Competition


DIRECTOR LEE Wansoo Korean CompetitionWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 2017130minDCPcolor Fiction
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In a city that awaits development projects, Donggu, an independent filmmaker is bothered with his uncertain future and starts living with a landlord kid. They slowly understand and depend on each other.

  • Review

    Donggu is an independent filmmaker who worries about the uncertain future such as his unstable relationship with his girlfriend. He rents a room in a house where a boy named Seokyoung lives alone. Donggu is surprised that Seokyoung is too mature for his age. Seokyoung is enduring a hard time while making a living by collecting scrap papers.
    Nomad, Lee Wansoo’s debut film, draws attention with a laid-back tempo. Unlike the rapidly moving outside world, the world of the protagonist seems to have its own vibe. Though the place seems isolated, away from reality, and dream-like, this place is also filled with cruel scars. The spiritless manners of the characters are a device to conceal the fierce deficiency inside them. The unique rhythm and humor of the characters being flustered by unexpected behaviors of the other are the charm of this film. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director LEE Wansoo
    Screenplay LEE Wansoo
    Producer HWANG Jeonghyun
    Cinematography SON Hwayoung
    Art Director LEE Sihoon
    Editor LEE Wansoo
    Music YOON Sunghye
    Cast Paik Soojang, Jang Seokyung, LEE Heesung, JANG Yongcheol, HAN Chulwoo


LEE Wansoo

Born in 1979. Majored in sociology and psychology at Yonsei University. In earnest, He majored in film directing at the Sogang University graduate school. He was invited to the Busan Asian Short Film Festival and the Indy Forum for short film Abi Jungjeon(2009). After graduation, he continued to produce short films and worked as a feature film staff. He has been working on the scenario, and Nomad is his first feature film.