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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition

Korean Competition

Dancing with Jikji

DIRECTOR WOO Kwanghoon, David REDMAN Korean CompetitionWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 2017102minDCPcolor Documentary
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Travelling to the French National Library (BnF) to see Jikji, the world’s oldest movable metal type book printed in Korea, a Canadian, David Redman discovers no one knows anything about the book printed in Korea in 1377! Realizing Eurocentrism is at play, David off sets off on a journey through Europe and Korea with Sarang Ness and the Jikji team to find how the print technology transferred from 13th Century Koryo to Europe.

  • Review

    While studying in France, David from Canada learns about 『Jikji』, the world’s oldest metal-typed book. He travels five European countries to see if the movable metal printing technology of Goryeo Dynasty?which had the best printing culture in the 13th century- had spread to Europe through Yuan Dynasty. He argues against the Western records that say Gutenberg independently invented the technology. David becomes the first to find the letter from Pope John XXII to the King of Goryeo Dynasty in 1333.
    Dancing with Jikji highlights the less-popular topic through foreigner’s eyes, adapting an entertaining approach. This approach is not only used to appeal to the mass but to reach a conclusion based on rigorous research. The film is a persistent, yet joyful report on the birth of civilization and the Eurocentric historical view. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director WOO Kwanghoon, David REDMAN
    Screenplay WOO Kwanghoon
    Producer JEONG Sangmin
    Cinematography WOO Kwanghoon, Kevin DC CHANG
    Editor WOO Kwanghoon
    Music SUNG Hwajung
    Cast David REDMAN, MYUNG Sarang, Kevin DC CHANG


WOO Kwanghoon

Born in 1972. Educated University of Iowa, Media Studies and Film in 2000. Searching for Hope of Public Art co-directed with director Jung Jiyoung also participated other 4 documentaries and directed 5 shorts 5 music video.


Born in 1969, Canada. He graduated from the MBA Film Production Program at Paris School of Business and IESA in Paris. Previous having worked as a scriptwriter and actor, he has developed long form branded content and is currently developing two feature film projects. In 2013, he created the Jikji Documentary Project, which became Dancing with Jikji.