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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition

Korean Competition

Family in the Bubble

DIRECTOR MA Minji Korean CompetitionWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201777minDCPcolor/b&w Documentary
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My parents were real estate developers and dealers in the 1980s. They achieved the ‘middle class dream’ thanks to the development boom. However, the Asian financial crisis swept everything away.

  • Review

    The director’s parents, who owned a small construction business, became middle-class thanks to the urban development. However, they lost everything during IMF financial crisis. The bubble has burst, but they still focus on investing in real estates. For 15 years, they´ve lived in a rented house. The director hates his parents but feels sorry for them at the same time. Their obsession with real estate shows the greed of Korean society based on development myth.
    This is an honest portrayal of an ordinary family that has collapsed for pursuing material prosperity. The humane, hard-working parents faced a decline for their greed in material possession. The modern history of Korea distorted by real estate and capitalism are shown by carefully depicting the family who desires to be wealthy while living in poverty. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director MA Minji
    Producer PARK Youngsoo, MOON Sung , Liisa JUNTUNEN
    Cinematography MA Minji, OH Gunyoung, CHOI Jihoon
    Editor Nina IJAS
    Music LEE Minhwee
    Cast RHO Haesook, MA Poonglak, MA Minji


MA Minji

Director Minji Ma was born in 1989. She graduated in Film directing from Korea National University of Arts and following master’s course in Documentary filmmaking. Her theme is ‘Space and Place in City’, especially how capital works and makes changes in the city. She directed several short films Verbal Life(2009) and Apollo 17(2011), and a mid-length documentary A journal from Seoungbuk(2014). <Family in the Bubble>(2017) is her first feature film.