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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition

Korean Competition

Blue Butterfly Effect

DIRECTOR Emmanuel Moonchil PARK Korean CompetitionWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201793minHDcolor Documentary
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A small county Seongju staged protests against the THADD. Young mothers led protests from concerns about their kids and the exposure to radiation. Gradually, they learn the system is good for nothing.

  • Review

    In Seongju, a farming county in Gyeongsang-do, people are protesting against the placement of THAAD. Young mothers protest because they are worried about their children being exposed to radiation. They soon learn that the weapon is good for nothing. These mothers, who were less interested in social issues, now take the lead. They were shocked when their governor suddenly agrees to place the THAAD.
    Emmanuel Moonchil Park’s second feature-length documentary follows the daily lives of the ordinary housewives in political strife. While not ignoring the partiality associated with this type of documentary, it creates a sense of intimacy by showing how the ordinary people without any political awareness become interested in goodness for the community. It makes us realize that politics is something that penetrates our daily lives. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director Emmanuel Moonchil PARK
    Screenplay Emmanuel Moonchil PARK
    Cinematography Emmanuel Moonchil PARK
    Editor Emmanuel Moonchil PARK
    Music Mimyo
    Cast BAE Miyoung, BAE Jungha, LEE Sumi, KIM Jungsook


Emmanuel Moonchil PARK

Emmanuel Park was born in Toronto, Canada. He studied documentaries at the Korean National University of Arts. In 2013, he completed his first feature length documentary, My Place(2013), which documents his sister’s single-motherhood and his family’s experience of reverse migration from Canada to Korea. My Place has screened at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in 2014, and won multiple awards such as the Audience Critics’ Prize from the Jeonju International Film Festival in 2013, Jury Prize from the Seoul Independent Film Festival in 2013, Audience Award from the Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival in 2013, among others.