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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition

Korean Competition

Hologram Universe

DIRECTOR KIM Jeehye Korean CompetitionWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201777minHDcolor/b&w Documentary
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In 1991, Yong-deok formed a folk duo ´16 years age gap´ with his 16 years younger brother Yong-su. In 2016, no one remembers their existence but the duo still makes music.

  • Review

    In 1991, Kim Yong-deok made a debut as a folk duo, 16 years age gap, with his 16 years younger brother Yong-su. Though they gained popularity with unique lyrical melody and forthright lyrics, people forgot them as folk music´s popularity declined in the mid 90’s. Though the people have forgotten them, they are still doing music. Yong-su is a guitarist. Yong-deok, who traveled around the world, playing different kinds of instruments, has begun to record the songs he has written. Their main song of the new album is ´Hologram Universe.´
    This documentary makes us think about the accumulation of time. Though the time has passed and no one remembers them, the brothers have continued to build a life as musicians. When we find the traces of life buried in the accumulated layers of time, we are touched and amazed by the road they have walked through. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director KIM Jeehye
    Cinematography CHOI Hyeyoung
    Editor KIM Jeehye
    Music KIM Yongdeok
    Cast KIM Yongdeok, KIM Yongsu


KIM Jeehye

Born in 1987, she is now pursuing her MFA degree at Yonsei University graduated school of communication & arts. She has produced several short films, including Whispers, Daybreak(2008), Memories of the Night(2012), and Winter and a Film(2014). And Memories of the Night(2012) was screened at the 13th Jeonju international film festival. Hologram Universe(2017) is her first feature length documentary.