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PROGRAM - Competition - Korean Competition for Shorts

Korean Competition for Shorts


DIRECTOR SEO Woobin Korean Competition for ShortsWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201615mincolor Fiction
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Leeyeon often writes and throws away poems. She runs into her friend Ho who enters the military in a few days. After having dinner, she bluntly says to go to see cherry blossoms and climbs a mountain.

  • Review

    We often realize the value of a moment just after it passes by. In fact, they are precious because they have passed without us knowing it. A girl wants to become a poet but is in despair because she doesn’t like the poem she wrote. A boy will soon enter the military. They run into each other in front of the apartment’s dumpster and go for a night stroll to the mountain on a whim. A moment is created by the earnest desire for poetry, for not-wanting to join the military, for youthful romance, the atmosphere of the forest, and the night breeze. Just as time which flies by without any sound, 10PM pretends not to leave a trace but inscribes a small trail as if one can retrieve it up later. Even without any drama of adversary and overcoming, without a breakup scene or conflicts, 10PM allows us to embrace the moments of our lives, like a poem. [NAM

  • Credit

    Director SEO Woobin
    Screenplay SEO Woobin
    Producer KIM Hyunwoo
    Cinematography JO Yungi
    Art Director LEE Jiyeon
    Editor SEO Woobin
    Cast SHIN Gihwan, YOO S-bin, Go Il-hyeok, LEE Jehee


SEO Woobin

Born in 1995. Studying film at SungKyul University. She was invited to the 5th DMZ Documentary Film Festival and the 7th DMZ Documentary Film Festival respectively in documentary Cold(2013) and 2 Act 1(2015).