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PROGRAM - Forntline



DIRECTOR Gaston Solnicki ForntlineAsian Premiere
Nation Argentina 201672minDCPcolor Fiction
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A portrait of several young women at the threshold of adulthood, feeling their way through various crises born of the insular comforts of class privilege.

  • Review

    Though Kekszakallu was inspired by the opera by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok, it is difficult to extrapolate the relevance between the two. Everything seems ordinary. Children diving, boys polishing surfboards and nameless lovers chatting on the grass. The audiences are finally aware of the characters when they re-emerge. Nothing seems special, but there are a few elements that are eye-catching. The young girls are on the threshold of entering adulthood. They are suffering at the factory, at home and at school. Their way of being mentally incompetent matches the wearisome summer. Kekszakallu expresses the state of the amorphous soul through the liberating playful image, color, sound and delicate composition. This is the first feature film directed by Argentine director Gaston Solnicki, the documentarian. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Gaston SOLNICKI
    Producer Ivan EIBUSZYC, Gaston SOLNICKI
    Cinematography Diego POLERI, Fernando LOCKETT
    Editor Alan SEGAL, Francisco D?EUFEMIA
    Music Bela BARTOK
    Sound Jason CANDLER
    Cast Laila MALTZ, Katia SZECHTMAN, Pedro TROCCA



Gaston Solnicki began directing documentaries then proceeded to narrative films, and eventually merged the two. Solnicki conveys his narrative through elements such as a woman’s face, a building’s form, and the vitality of a season. His feature documentary, <i>Papirosen</i> (2011), unfolds his four-generation family history as a middle-class Jewish family in Argentina. This film highlights the relations between an individual’s life and history by stirring documentary-style distancing with personal confessions. His first feature narrative film, <i>Kekszakallu</i> (2016), portrays the mundane lives of impotent youth. <i>Introduzione all´Oscuro</i>, invited to this year’s Jeonju IFF, is dedicated to Hans Hurch of the Vienna International Film Festival who passed away two years ago. The film approaches human nature through the traces of place and landscape.