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Another Year

DIRECTOR ZHU Shengze ForntlineAsian Premiere
Nation China 2016181minDCPcolor Documentary
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The film captures 13 dinners of a migrant worker’s family for 14 months. Through 13 static, long takes in real-time, the film aims to craft a meditation on China’s economic boom and massive urbanization.

  • Review

    Another Year is a three-hour long documentary that filmed three people eating and interacting with each other in a house. This documentary is focused on the daily life style of a Chinese immigrant family, showing the family dining for a thirteen month period in a structure that is simple yet powerfully effective. The locations are very limited and there is not even any cooking scene, Another Year simply shows the family dining together in a way that brings attention to a number of ideas on form. One aspect that plays a powerful role is the sound. The sound of the television is one thing that penetrates the family’s relationship. Through the viewings of the working class’s poverty and unhappiness, the simple and minimalistic Another Year leaves a powerful yet imposing reflection on Chinese society. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director ZHU Shengze
    Producer YANG Zhengfan, ZHU Shengze
    Cinematography YANG Zhengfan
    Editor ZHU Shengze
    Sound OU Dejian


ZHU Shengze

ZHU Shengze | Born in 1987, Hubei, China. Her feature documentary <i>Another Year</i> (2016), received international reputation and was awarded in several film festivals including Jeonju IFF.