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PROGRAM - World Cinemascape - World Cinemascape: Spectrum

World Cinemascape: Spectrum


DIRECTOR Fien TROCH World Cinemascape: Spectrum구분없음
Nation Belgium 2016103minDCPcolor Fiction
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Teenagers who explore a thin line between trust, friendship and loyalty and adults who seem alienated from their past younger selves. The clash can be more brutal than expected.

  • Review

    Home is a controversial teenpix. There is hard-to-reach barrier between the teenagers and the adults in this movie. The tension between the two is one hell of a show. The erratic boys fight the adults all the time and pursuit their own way. Belgian star director Fien Troch asks the question: ‘where should those in a broken relationship look for when they have no place to go?’ Immoral situation that abandoned goodwill leads to limitless dissolution. With whom would they feel comfortable? Is it with friends? Family? Or is it with lovers? It seems impossible to support and heal the dangerous fate of the children. An impressive soundtrack by Johnny Jewel is laid in the gloomy background. This is a dark story that does not fit the typical teenpix cliche ‘growth’ theme. The winner of Orizzonti section at the Venice International Film Festival. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Fien TROCH
    Screenplay Fien TROCH, Nico LEUNEN
    Producer Antonino Lombardo
    Cinematography Frank van den EDEN
    Editor Nico LEUNEN
    Music Johnny JEWEL
    Sound Kwinten Van LAETHEM
    Cast Sebastian Van DUN, Mistral GUIDOTTI, Loic BATOG



Born 1978 in Londerzeel, She is a Belgian film director, producer and screenwriter. After graduating from the Sint-Lukas art academy in Brussels in 2000, her first feature film, Someone Else´s Happiness(2005) was nominated for the Grand Prix at the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent. Her second film Unspoken(2008) received the Andre Cavens Award for Best Film by the Belgian Film Critics Association.