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World Cinemascape: Spectrum

Innocent 15

DIRECTOR KAI Hirokazu World Cinemascape: Spectrum구분없음
Nation Japan 201688minDCPcolor Fiction
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A story of love of two teenagers: Narumi is being abused by her mother, and Gin accidentally knows his father is gay. When they became attracted to each another, they decide to run away from everything.

  • Review

    Narumi is a girl abused by her mom. Gin is a boy who accidentally finds out that his father is gay. They are attracted to each other, but people around them don’t respect their feelings. Their parents ruin their lives. Narumi’s stepfather even sexually abuses her. Gin doesn’t know how to face his father, who is in despair because he’s not honest with himself. They run away from home, but there’s nowhere to go.
    Innocent 15 deals with the common topic of ‘unprotected childhood,´ but its ways of expression touch people’s hearts. The way the protagonists look and move are impressive: It’s not learned; it’s as if they’re really in the situation. The film shows the absolute solitude of the kids and their desperate longing for a friend. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director KAI Hirokazu
    Screenplay KAI Hirokazu
    Producer MAE Shinsuke
    Cinematography MOTOSUGI Jungo
    Editor KAI Hirokazu
    Music Taro OKADA, Teyo
    Sound Tatsuya UCHIDA
    Cast HAGIWARA Riku, OGAWA Sara, KAGEYAMA Jyukiya, NAKAMURA Keitaro, NOBUKUNI Teruhiko


KAI Hirokazu

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Majored Education and Psychology at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. He also funded a theatrical company and directed his first short film Hanafusa(2006) which won the Special Jury Prize at Pai Film Festival in Japan. He then directed short films, Smoking in a Tub(2010) and Like a Dog(2012), His first feature, Flower in the Water(2009) was nominated at Yubari International Film Festival. Innocent 15 is his second feature film and premiered in Japan and Raindance Film Festival in UK.