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PROGRAM - World Cinemascape - World Cinemascape: Spectrum

World Cinemascape: Spectrum

The Fall of Icarus: Narita Stories

DIRECTOR DAISHIMA Haruhiko World Cinemascape: SpectrumWorld Premiere
Nation Japan 2017140minDCPcolor Documentary
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The times brought the farmers together with the ‘young Icaruses’ of the new left, the farmers wanting muscle for their organization, and the young volunteers seeking an ignition point for revolution.

  • Review

    When the Japanese government announced to build an airport in Narita in 1966, the local farmers banded together to fight against it. The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories(2014), screened at the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival, dealt with the process and aftermath of it. Daishima Haruhiko directed its sequel, The Fall of Icarus: Narita Stories, to show the stories of young people who fight with the farmers against the government.
    The 1960s were the time where the young people of the European countries and China, as well as Japan, rebelled to overthrow the system. After the battle had ended in defeat, people forgot about the rebel. However, this film asks what they are doing and if their rebel is still meaningful. While examining the bleak backwater of the past, the film gives hope soaring from the bottom.

  • Credit

    Director DAISHIMA Haruhiko
    Producer DAISHIMA Haruhiko
    Cinematography KATO Takanobu
    Editor DAISHIMA Haruhiko
    Music OTOMO Yoshihide
    Sound TAKIZAWA Osamu
    Cast NAKAGAWA Kenichi, HIRATA Seigo, KICHI Koichi, KASE Tsutomu



Born in 1958, Japan. He graduated Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics and produced Pineapple Tours(1992) which selected Berlinale. He co-directed The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories(2014) with Otsu Koshiro, about the farmers fighting against the state power, which officially selceted at Jeonju IFF. The Fall of Icarus: Narita Sotries is world premier at the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival.