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PROGRAM - World Cinemascape - World Cinemascape: Spectrum

World Cinemascape: Spectrum

The Chronicles of Melanie

DIRECTOR Viestur KAIRISH World Cinemascape: Spectrum구분없음
Nation Latvia, Czech Republic, Finland 2016120minDCPb&w Fiction
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An early morning of 1941 in Soviet-occupied Latvia, the authorities break into the house of Melanie and Aleksandrs, make them get into a lorry. At the station, the men are separated from their families.

  • Review

    June 14, 1941. Latvia is attacked by Russia under the regime of Stalin. Including Lithuania, Estonia, a total of 40,000 people have been taken and most of them are deported to Siberia. The military raids Melanija and Aleksandrs’ house. They separate the men and women and Melanija also parts from Aleksandrs. She is left alone with her 8 year-old boy. To survive, she endures all sacrifices. After 16 years, when she returns to Riga, she finds out her husband died in the concentration camp. This film is a portrait of strong female survivor, who survived from the Siberia slave camp and the tragedy of war. The film captures the sad reality in a beautiful and sorrowful way with beautiful black and white scenes. The incredible scenes of the concentration camp contribute in winning Best Cinematography at the 20th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. [Lee Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Viestur KAIRISH
    Screenplay Viestur KAIRISH
    Producer Inese BOKA-GR?BE, Gints GR?BE
    Cinematography Gints BERZINS
    Art Director Ieva JURJANE
    Editor Jussi RAUTANIEMI
    Music Arturs MASKATS, Karlis AUZANS, Aleksandrs VAICAHOVSKIS
    Sound Martins ROZENTALS
    Cast Sabine TIMOTEO, Ivars KRASTS



Born in 1971, Latvia, has directed films as well as theatre and opera. His films and theatre productions have been shown in many European festivals. His cinematographic debut was in 1998 with the documentary film Train, but his first feature film Leaving by the Way(2001) was invited at Karlovy Vary IFF. His documentary Pelican in the Desert(2014) received the special jury prize at the Let’s See film festival in Austria.