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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape

A Living Being

DIRECTOR MIN Byungkook Korea CinemascapeWorld Premiere
Nation Korea, France 2017113minDCPcolor Fiction
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In a remote island, an ugly old man suffers from dementia and his symptom doesn’t bother his caregiver much. They see each other as an old gentleman and a paranoid lady. He starts confessing all his past.

  • Review

    A Living Being, the second feature by Min Byungkook, is a strange love story in Jeju Island. A middle-aged woman Lee Yoonjeong nurses Kim Moonho, an old man who has Alzheimer´s. Based on sporadic memories, he tells her about his love in the past. A Bohemian-like man Jonggyu approaches Yoonjeong without hesitation but leaves insipidly.
    This is an honest report on a man and also a portrait of a woman who takes care of the man while protecting herself and maintaining her ideals. In the unreachable perpetuity of relationship, the characters lead to friendship, kindness, and communal solidarity, but ends up in a futile farewell. While pointing out that it is the certain attributes of life and imperfect humans, the film only shows respect for the heroine, Yoongjeong. The majestic beauty of Lee Il-hwa, who played Yoongjeong, stands out. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director MIN Byungkook
    Screenplay MIN Byungkook, HA Minho
    Producer HA Minho
    Cinematography CHOO Kyeongyeob
    Art Director LEE Heejeong
    Editor Steve CHOI
    Music LEE Byunghoon
    Cast LEE Il-hwa, YANG Dong-geun, HA Yeongsoo, LEE Hyejeong, CHUNG Na-on


MIN Byungkook

Born in 1962. Working with director Hong Sangsoo as an assistant director for The Power of Kangwon Province(1998). Started his career as author-director thanks to the official selection as Opening Film in the 5th Jeonju IFF with his first feature film, Possible Changes(2005), won the Best Asian Film Award in the 17th Tokyo IFF and nominated on the section of Perspective in 26th Moscow IFF.