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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape

The Return

DIRECTOR HEO Chul Korea CinemascapeWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 2017100minDCPcolor Fiction
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A frame that says, ´Drink makgeolli (rice wine) here and the one you miss will return´ is hung on the wall of The Return. The tavern´s regulars miss their lost ones. One day, Joo-yeong arrives there.

  • Review

    Inside the Makgeolli bar ‘The Return,’ there is a framed quote that says, “If you drink Makgeolli here, a dearest person will return to your life.” Located in the mountainside, quiet and still, many people believe in this shamanist power and visit this place. They all have someone dear kept inside their hearts. One day, Joo-young visits this bar but starts having doubts. Yet, she decides to actively promote this place. Because of her unpredictable behavior, Owner Byeon and his patrons experience a change in their daily lives. Heo Chul’s third work and his first feature film, The Return is a ‘good’ movie. It is like a fairy tale for adults. All the characters are good-hearted and the good intentions are spread with one another. It is a film you just can’t look the other way. Considered a Korean Shangri-La - a loud and lively mysterious utopia. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director HEO Chul
    Screenplay HEO Chul, JUNG Sunghee
    Producer CHOI Chang-gyu, PARK Woochan
    Cinematography LEE Hyunsu
    Art Director JANG Sukjin
    Editor KIM Mokhyun
    Music KIM Inyoung
    Cast KIM Yuseok, SOHN Suhyun, LEE Woojin, KIMKWAK Kyunghee


HEO Chul

Born in 1966. The Return(2017) is his first theatrical feature in Korea. Previously, he directed various documentary features including Mira Story(2014) and Ari Ari the Korean Cinema(2011) and taught at various institutions including Korea University, San Francisco State University, and the University of Iowa. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa, M.F.A. from Brooklyn College of City University of New York, and B.A. from Korea University.