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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

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The Way

DIRECTOR JUNG Inbong Korea CinemascapeWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201686minDCPcolor Fiction
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Soonae who celebrates her birthday, an old man who opens a bakery to support his granddaughter, and Su-mi who hits the road with two guys. An omnibus of three people who once had shining youth.

  • Review

    There are three parts to The Way. In Soon-Ae’s day is busy, Soon-ae, who lives alone, eats with a service engineer who came to fix the electronics on her birthday. That was undeniably Sang-Bum’s first love portrays a friendship between Sangbum an old man who spent all his life supporting his family and a young female coordinator who came to help him open a new bakery. Su-Mi’s road is about Su-mi´s journey to kill herself after her son died in a car accident after visiting her.
    The characters are connected to one another. Sangbum and Soonae loved each other when they were young. Soonae and Su-mi are sisters. No matter how they are connected, they have to deal with loneliness alone. They strive to find a connection in their living space ?voluntarily or involuntarily?that they can coexist with. They are in desperate need of contact. The Way shows different ways of escaping solitude with outstanding performances from Kim Haeja, Song Jaeho, and Huh Jin.

  • Credit

    Director JUNG Inbong
    Screenplay KIM Sungwon, JUNG Inbong
    Producer CHOI yoonsuk, LEE Sungpho
    Cinematography LEE Youngjin, KIM Donghyuk
    Art Director YOO Juo
    Editor LEE Gyuyoun
    Music LEE Jaerang
    Cast KIM Haeja, SONG Jaeho, HUH Jin


JUNG Inbong

Born in 1968. Studied business administration and produced Crazy Waiting in 2007. Started to get spotlight being invited to Busan International Film Festival after directing short film Soon-Ae(2016). In 2016, directed omnibus movie the way which was picked to participate in Jeonju International Film Festival. The way is his first feature film.