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Legacy of the Memories

DIRECTOR JEONG Heedo, LEE Seyoung Korea CinemascapeWorld Premiere
Nation Korea, UK 201771minHDcolor/b&w Documentary
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War veterans Yoo and Davis are living in similar ways after the war. Pieces of memory have overwhelmed their lives. Director looks at how the legacy of memory still dominates them.

  • Review

    Legacy of Memories is a documentary about two people who were part of the Korean War: Korean man named You Yongbok and a British man named Meirion Davies. Growing up in a tough childhood, You Yongbok could not afford to attend school and became a newspaper boy and later drafted to serve the People’s Army. Meirion Davies was born in a poor family and started working at a very young age. He received his draft notice at age sixteen and was sent to Korea. Just like the rest of men, Meirion Davies was sent to the war zone without understanding why he was fighting. Legacy of the Memories portrays how lives are being destroyed by this war that is resulted by forms of politics and ideologies. The film shows protagonists being devitalized yet not giving up on life. This is a unique documentary that exchanges the actual interviews and photographs. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director JEONG Heedo, LEE Seyoung
    Screenplay PARK Beomjin
    Producer PARK Beomjin
    Cinematography KIM Minkyu, Rhys EDWDARDS
    Art Director Alun Morris JONES
    Editor PARK Beomjin, Steve FROST
    Music PYO Shinyup
    Cast YOU Yongbok, Meirion DAVIES



Born in Namwon, Jeonbuk. M.A. from Yewon Arts University Graduate School of Culture Business Entrepreneurship. Directed Memories of Wales(2014), TV documentaries broadcast on S4C. His feature debut film is Tears of the Bugs(2016). Legacy of the Memories(2017) is his second film.

LEE Seyoung

After directing <i>Begging Island: Let It Be</i> (2014), he co-directed the trilogy documentary with Jeong Heedo.