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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape

Autumn Sonata

DIRECTOR LIM Wangtae Korea CinemascapeWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201785minDCPcolor Fiction
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It is said that time is equal to everyone but things are different to Suryeon who turns 30. She doesn´t have much time to live. Her dad died from disease when she was young. She expects the same path.

  • Review

    Suryeon, who will soon turn 30, doesn’t have much time to live. When she was young, her dad died from a disease. She expects the same fate. Though she fell into despair at first, she decides to accept her fate and gets herself ready for the end. Then a 26-year-old guy comes into her life and tries to start a new life with her.
    Lim’s debut feature Autumn Sonata has typical melodramatic plots, but it delicately and impressively depicts the strokes of daily living with the support of veteran actors, Lim Hyun-shik and Song Ok-sook. Gwon BoA fits well to the main character with healthy, bright vibes while the death awaits her. While following the storyline in conservative pace, it also breathes a different air. Though it seems like a one-act drama on TV, the capacity of the screen that holds more than what the character says expands the story’s scope. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director LIM Wangtae
    Screenplay KIM Jeonhan
    Producer HAN Hwasung, YOU Yeonsoo
    Cinematography KIM Dongchun
    Art Director GWON Jinmo
    Editor CHOI Jaegeun, HYUN Junghoon
    Music GWON Sungyeon, JUNG Misun
    Cast GWON BoA, LEE Hakjoo, LIM Hyunshik, OH Gwangrok, SONG Oksook, CHO Heebong


LIM Wangtae

He has a MFA in Directing for Theater, Video and Cinema at CalArts. His short, Visitor(2002), got the audience award in Busan Asian Short Film Festival. A musical short, 24(2005), was invited to Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. Autumn Sonata is his first feature.