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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape

The Painter`s View

DIRECTOR KIM Heechul Korea CinemascapeWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201761minDCPcolor/b&w Documentary
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A documentary on a Korean painter Lee Jungseob. After the Korean War broke out, Lee and his family left Wonsan to flee to Jeju. While his wife and sons stay in Tokyo, Lee settles in Busan by himself.

  • Review

    When the Korean War broke, Lee Jungseob and his family left Wonsan to Jeju Island. He lived off of rice donated by religious groups or crabs he caught. When his neighbors helped him, he painted them in return. When they came back to Busan, Lee’s wife and children went to Japan while he stayed alone. Lee Jungseob roamed around from Tongyeoung and Seoul to Daegu and Waegwan. He continued painting with the help of his friends, but his exhibition failed like his failing health. In the end, he died at Seoul Red Cross Hospital without family. The Painter’s View is a reenactment of Lee Jungseob’s life based on the documents. By juxtaposing remaining images with the drama played by actors and the voices by narrator explaining the situation outside the screen, the documentary has extra textures, bringing the audience closer to the life of Lee Jungseob. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director KIM Heechul
    Screenplay HYUN Taekhun
    Producer DO Namgung
    Cinematography OH Hajun, CHO Hyeontae, CHOI Hyeonho
    Art Director KIM Heechul
    Editor KIM Heechul, CHOI Hyeonho
    Music KIM Uigyu
    Cast BANAG Seungcheol, DO Namgung, GO Yeongjung, NOH Incheol


KIM Heechul

Born in 1975, Seoul. He studied political diplomacy, then directed documentary films such as The Gate of Truth(2004), Not Guilty(2007) and Time That Cannot Love(2011). The Gate of Truth(2004) recevied the Grand Film Awards at the 30th Seoul IFF and the Audience Critic Awards at the 6th Jeonju IFF. The Painter`s View received the Grand Prize at the Documentary Film Pitching section of Jeonju Project Market in 2016.