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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape

Red Brick

DIRECTOR JOO Hyunsook Korea Cinemascape구분없음
Nation Korea 201793minHDcolor Documentary
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While making numerous choices every day, we sometimes choose different paths. The film looks into the minds of people who joined the Guro strike 30 years ago. Even now people confront decisive moments.

  • Review

    Red Brick has an interesting parallel plot structure. The workers from the Guro Industrial Complex who held an official strike 30 years ago recollect the walkout while the young generation lives every day without much drama. The women who banded together to fight against their terrible work condition and discrimination, now live with moderate income. They look back on their struggles. Their lives are engraved with labor movements as well as personal hardship. Unlike the preceding generation, the young people often talks about little difficulties. At some points, however, we can see that they, too, are on their way to confront collective problems. The documentary takes a horizontal approach, not a top-down approach- to show every existential choice can be difficult regardless of the depth of one’s experience. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director JOO Hyunsook
    Producer OH Jeonghoon
    Cinematography SON Keyunghwa, JOO Hyunsook
    Editor JOO Hyunsook
    Music Bard
    Cast SEONG Hoonwha, GEUN Youngja, KANG Myungja, KIM Haesook


JOO Hyunsook

Born in 1972. She majored in documentary at K´ART. It goes On-undocumented is Documented(2004), Die or leave(2004), She is(2007), Counterattack(2013), A Place to Walk(2014).