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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape


DIRECTOR KIM Boram Korea CinemascapeWorld Premiere
Nation Korea 201783minHDcolor Documentary
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An old dog is living in a vacant lot. Camera approaches the villagers to reveal the dog. While people share their memories, memory and reality are intertwined to form an atmosphere.

  • Review

    An old dog lives in a quiet village in Seoul. The narrator of the film looks closely into the dog that no one cares about. The director asks the villagers what they know about the dog. They all have different memories. Though they seem indifferent, they do have something to talk about the dog. Their stories don´t add up entirely, but each story suggests something about their own lives. The camera wanders between the villagers’ memories of the dog and the reality of the people while staring at the faces assimilated into the scenes.
    By tracking the traces of a dog, Baek-gu also reveals the traces of the lives of the villagers. In front of the accumulated time, the viewers somehow feel lonely and miserable. It’s because we can feel the loss of care and solidarity in the lives that no one cares. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director KIM Boram
    Screenplay KIM Boram
    Producer LEE Yoori
    Cinematography KIM Boram
    Editor KIM Boram
    Cast Baek-gu, The Huam-dong Citizens, The Hongje-chun Womens, The Hongeun-dong Citizens


KIM Boram

Born in 1984. She was a magazine reporter for two years. After graduating on Mediact’s documentary production course, she has worked on documentary films as a member of P.U.R.N production since 2014. She directed Struggle before the Marriage(2013), Shall We Talk(2014). Baek-gu(2017) is her first feature.