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PROGRAM - Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema

Funeral (on the Art of Dying)

DIRECTOR Boris LEHMAN Expanded CinemaAsian Premiere
Nation Belgium 201697minDCPcolor Documentary
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Having reached an age at which you think about getting your bags ready for the next world, I’m about to burn my life, to throw away all I’ve collected and accumulated for over half a century.

  • Review

    Boris Lehman, who worked with avant-garde artist Chantal Akerman, is a legend in European cinema. He tossed his 50 year collection in a fire pit. His list of ‘Burning books and burying of scholars,´ includes books, clothes, film, and personal items. Subtitled On the Art of Dying, Funeral is the last episode of his autobiographical film Babel(1991). This project first started to express grief for himself and his films. He grieves for his declining years, the great changes in cinema, the end of film, and the glory days of film art. Many scenes lead to a sense of depression, however Funeral is filled with artistic self-indulgence, amusement, and dark humor, typical feature of Lehman’s films. Playing the main role himself, Lehman’s self-depricating performance, pessimistic narrative and commentary are quite memorable. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Boris LEHMAN
    Screenplay Boris LEHMAN
    Producer Boris LEHMAN
    Cinematography Antoine MEERT
    Art Director Boris LEHMAN
    Editor Ariane MELLET
    Sound Jacques DAPOZ
    Music Fanny TRAN
    Cast Boris LEHMAN



Born in 1944, Switzerland. He is educated in film at INSAS in Brussels. Between 1962 and 1966, he worked as a film critic for several magazines. Collaborated with colleague filmmakers, he has made over four hundred experimental films which he directed and produced individually. Also he made about 300,000 photos and has written three books. My Seven Places (2014), My Conversations on Film (1998) are his most well-known works.