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PROGRAM - Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema

The Dreamed Path

DIRECTOR Angela SCHANELEC Expanded Cinema구분없음
Nation Germany 201686minDCPcolor Fiction
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Greece, 1984. An Englishman and a German girl, singing in the street, are in love. Suddenly the man leaves her after learning his mother had an accident. 30 year later Berlin, Ariane, an actress, leaves her husband.

  • Review

    The Dreamed Path is a story that leaps over 30 years of time. The narrative starts from Theres and Kenneth the two lovers. Their past in Greece continues to the present Germany. Kenneth goes back to Germany when his mother is seriously ill, parting from Theres. When he returns to the present he is homeless, but he maintains his appearance as if time stood still. Is this a reality, a fantasy or a cinematic imagination? Two stories grazingly cross and connects the thematic motives and aesthetic choices. Like many of Schanelec´s films The Dreamed Path reveals her interest in immigration, the concept of modern boundaries, and boundaries of space. Filmmaker Vorschneider created a superb minimalist image. From graphic framing and in scenes influenced by Robert Bresson, he creates an impressive rhythm while minimizing time and space. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Angela SCHANELEC
    Screenplay Angela SCHANELEC
    Producer Frieder SCHLAICH, Irene von ALBERTI
    Cinematography Reinhold VORSCHNEIDER
    Art Director Jochen DEHN
    Editor Angela SCHANELEC, Maja TENNSTEDT
    Sound Rainer GERLACH
    Cast Miriam JAKOB, Thorbjorn BJORNSSON, Maren EGGERT, Phil HAYES, Anaia ZAPP



Born in 1962, Baden-Wurttemberg., She studied acting in Frankfurt am Main and studied film directing at the Deutsche Film-und Fernsehakademie in Berlin. I Stayed in Berlin All Summer(1994), Places in Cities(1998), Bridges of Sarajevo(2014) are her representative works. Places in Cities(1998) was premiered in Cannes Film Festival, and several other films were premiered in Berlinale and Toronto IFF etc.