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PROGRAM - Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema

A Solar Dream

DIRECTOR Patrick BOKANOWSKI Expanded CinemaAsian Premiere
Nation France 201660minDCPcolor Fiction
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A Solar Dream is a voyage into the imaginary. It tells of struggle between shadow and light. The images in the film undergo metamorphosis, evoking a life’s journey like pages torn from a diary.

  • Review

    This is a new film by Patrick Bokanowski, a European experimental film master, who gained a reputation with his original experiment on image reproduction and image recognition. Images seem to scatter sunray and diffuse light which transcends the customary practice of reproduction. A Solar Dream shows images reminiscent of impressionism and surrealism ´paintings´. The Images at first glance, are indistinguishable but soon recognized as daily scenery or natural landscapes. In A Solar Dream the aesthetic composition expressed by Bokanowski seems to require us to rethink the way we see and recognize the world. Look at everyday objects with an open mind and abandon all cliche. By doing so, this film will give a new visual experience. The texture of the image itself is enchanting enough to make one wonder about the creation process. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Patrick BOKANOWSKI
    Screenplay Patrick BOKANOWSKI
    Producer Kira B.M.Flims
    Cinematography Patrick BOKANOWSKI
    Editor Patrick BOKANOWSKI
    Music Michele BOKANOWSKI



Born in1943, French Algeria. He is a director and writer, known for The angel(1982), Au bord du lac(1994) and Battements solaires(2008). He developed a manner of treating filmic materiel that crosses over traditional boundaries of film genre: short film, experimental cinema and animation.