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PROGRAM - Expanded Cinema

Expanded Cinema

All the Cities of the North

DIRECTOR Dane KOMLJEN Expanded CinemaAsian Premiere
Nation Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro 2016100minDCPcolor Documentary
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Two men live within a set of almost identical abandoned bungalows, someone else enters this secluded space and its patterns are disturbed. New bonds form and old ones shift.

  • Review

    All the Cities of the North is a film directed by the new Serbian director, Dane Komlijen, in his first feature film. THe film begins with two men living in an isolated bungalow with very limited interactions with each other. Protagonists, Boban and Boris live their spartan yet peaceful lives in their white room with a blue tent until this is broken by the appearance of Dan, who tries to take both Boban and Boris to the outside world. The boundaries between space and time can be seen through such locations as an abandoned hotel in Montenegro. The logic of the narrative is portrayed in an ambiguous and an abstract manner. All the Cities of the North allows various images and sounds to exist simultaneously and in doing so maintains the traces of a past which is being destroyed. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Dane KOMLJEN
    Screenplay Dane KOMLJEN
    Producer Natasa DAMNJANOVIC, Vladimir VIDIC
    Cinematography Ivan MARKOVIC
    Art Director Magdalena VLAJIC
    Editor Dane KOMLJEN, Natasa DAMNJANOVIC
    Sound Igor CAMO, Simon APOSTOLOU, Jakov MUNIZABA
    Cast Boban KALUDER, Baris ISAKOVIC, Dane KOMLJEN



Born in 1986, SFR Yugoslavia. Studied film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Serbia and contemporary art at Le Fresnoy, France. His short films; All Still Orbit(2016), Our Body(2015), A Surplus of Wind(2014) have been shown and awarded at the Cannes, Locarno IFF, Rotterdam IFF , FID Marseille and Sarajevo FF. All the Cities of the North is his first feature.