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Poetry Angel

DIRECTOR IIZUKA Toshimitsu Cinemafest구분없음
Nation Japan 201795minHDcolor Fiction
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Tsutomu, a dreamer, joined a team of poetical boxers by chance. They are first pitted against a team from a nearby girls’ high school. He is attracted to a girl there who never seems to speak.

  • Review

    After graduation, Tsutomu Tamaki works at his father’s farm, but he’s unhappy about the boring life. Tsutomu, a daydreamer, accidently joins a team which battles poetry as in a rap battle. This diverse group is about to compete against Poetry Angel team from nearby female high school. While sharing their life secrets to write poetry, Tsutomu falls for a high-school girl who doesn’t seem to talk at all. Poetry Angel is a unique comedy. It is a bit puzzling due to the unfamiliar topic and plots in the beginning, but it soon captures us with its friendly charm. It’s because it depicts the mysterious magic of writing poems and of expressing one’s feeling concisely. The popular topic of ‘lack of communication’ is powerfully delivered with a unique sense of humor. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director IIZUKA Toshimitsu
    Screenplay IIZUKA Toshimitsu
    Producer WADA Takashi, TSUYUK Eiji
    Cinematography NOGUCHI Kenji
    Art Director ANDO Hidetoshi
    Editor IIZUKA Toshimitsu, SATO Toshiyuki
    Sound Chinsui SON
    Music KOJIMA Ichiro, KATO Fumitaka
    Cast OKAYAMA Amane, TAKEDA Rena, TSURUMI Shingo, MIHO Jun, SHIMOJO Atomu


IIZUKA Toshimitsu

Born 1981, Kanagawa Prefecture. Iizuka studied film-making at the New Cinema Workshop. In 2012 he won the Best Screenplay award at the Isama Studio Festival for Dictator, Koga(2012). The script was made into a film which went on to win various prizes, awards and recognition. Dictator Koga(2012) was released in July 2015 and Poetry Angel is scheduled for a 2017 release.? ??