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The Sense of an Ending

DIRECTOR Ritesh BATRA Cinemafest구분없음
Nation UK 2017108minDCPcolor Fiction
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In one morning, Tony, an owner of vintage camera shop receives a mysterious letter that turns out to be the will from Veronica’s mother. “Memory betrays us and oblivion leads our lives to happiness”.

  • Review

    Owner of a vintage camera shop, Tony receives a letter in the mail. It is a will from his ex-girlfriend’s mother, Veronica. It is said that there is something left for Tony. This letter changes his life. He asks for help from his previous wife who is a lawyer. He meets Veronica but everything she says is incomprehensible and she is very cold to him. This makes him reevaluate the past. Based on Julian Barnes novel with the same title which won the Man Booker Prize. The occupations and the set up are dramatized but keeps the theme of the past affecting the present. Sad to see that the film simplified the charming elements of the original story, but following Tony to the past and present within the chaos and order works as a thriller. This symbolizes the uncontrollable irony of life and questions the contradictions humans make within time and history. [LEE Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Ritesh BATRA
    Screenplay Nick PAYNE
    Producer David THOMPSON, Ed RUBIN
    Cinematography Christopher ROSS
    Art Director MAX Klaentschi
    Editor John F. LYONS
    Sound Michael KACZMAREK
    Music Sarah BRIDGE
    Cast Jim BROADBENT, Charlotte RAMPLING


Ritesh BATRA

Born in India. She graduated from New York University. His debut feature film, The Lunchbox(2013), was nominated at 68th BAFTA Award and won Grand Golden Rail of Cannes Film Festival in 2013. The sense of an Ending is his second feature.