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The Duelist

DIRECTOR Alexey MIZGIREV Cinemafest구분없음
Nation Russia 2016110minDCPcolor Fiction
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Saint Petersburg, 1860. Retired officer Yakovlev is a mysterious and unbeatable duelist for hire. For a fee, he fights on behalf of those too weak, unskilled or frightened to fight duels themselves.

  • Review

    1860, Yakovlev, a retired officer of Saint Petersburg, becomes a duelist using the rules of Russian roulette. He partakes in a duel, sometimes for the money or for his own honor. He even fights for those who don’t have courage to fight and he is recognized as a hero for the public. Similar plot like ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’ the idea of honor and Russian roulette, invincible Yakovlev makes the film exciting and gives additional meaning to the genre. You also can’t miss the romance between a royal blood. A historical drama yet mixed with many different genres. The 19th century Russian costumes and setting are transformed into a tragic Schicksalsdrama. The film exhibits the industrial side of Russian movies and follows the classical theme of a man conquering his past. [Lee Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Alexey MIZGIREV
    Screenplay Alexey MIZGIREV
    Producer Alexander RODNYANSKY, Sergey MELKUMOV
    Cinematography Maxim OSADCHIY
    Art Director Andrey Ponkratov
    Editor Igor Litoninskiy
    Sound Rostislav Alimov
    Music Igor Vdovin
    Cast Petr FEDOROV, Martin WUTTKE, Julia KHLININA, Vladimir MASHKOV, Franziska PETRI, Yuri KOLOKOLNIKOV



He was discovered as a promising director at the biggest Russian national film festival Kinotavr where he won the Best Debut award for his film Hard-Hearted(2007). His two other feature films, both of which were positively received at European film festivals. Seeing the talent of the director and sensing his potential, Rodnyansky offered him a chance to make a high-end genre film with the visual attraction of the high budget adventure film.