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Mothers of Fukushima: Eiko & Yoshiko

DIRECTOR FURUI Mizue CinemafestInternational Premiere
Nation Japan 201695minDCPcolor Documentary
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Eiko Kanno is 79 years-old. Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster completely changes her life. Yoshiko Kanno are very important partners in her life. Two women start living at the temporary house.

  • Review

    A 79-year-old Eiko Kanno’s life has completely changed by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. After evacuation, she lives alone in the temporary shelter. Though her grandchildren live nearby, her most significant partner is Yoshiko Kanno. They start a new life at the shelter. Eiko’s motto is to make and prepare her meals by herself. Eiko and Yoshiko grow their food ingredients, including vegetables and miso. This is the only solution they have in the land of contaminated by radiation.
    Ex-journalist Mizue Furui delivers a strong message about the life after a disaster. The two old ladies find solutions themselves to maintain their lives when the government hesitates. Their life in the shelter is similar to that of primitive, self-sufficient community, giving hope that a utopia might be formed where the capitalism can’t reach. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director FURUI Mizue
    Producer Motoharu IIDA, Akihiro NONAKA
    Cinematography Mizue FURUI
    Editor Tokachi TSUCHIYA
    Sound Takashi TOKIDA
    Cast Eiko, Yoshiko



Born in 1984, Shimane. Since 1988 she has been to the Occupied Territories, reported on the Intifada, resistance movement by Palestinians. She has been focusing on and reporting especially about women and children. In 2005 she received the Grand prize of Days Japan International Photo Journalism, Special prize of Judge, Commemorated Ishibashi Tanzan Waseda Jurnalist Grand prize for the film Ghada-Songs of Palestine (2006).