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The Most Beautiful Village in the World

DIRECTOR ISHIKAWA Bon CinemafestInternational Premiere
Nation Japan 2017108minDCPcolor Documentary
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After 2015 Nepal earthquake, people who tried hard to reconstruct the village had to make a decision whether leaving God’s land or remaining with devotion, learning the land was not inhabitable anymore.

  • Review

    After 2015 Nepal earthquake, village people is in a dilemma whether they should leave the land or stay during its reconstruction. Director Ishikawa Bon promises to visit the people who are still living in the village that is nowhere safe for anyone to live. Ishikawa Bon eventually keeps his promise in going and starts to film the lives of the people. The Most Beautiful Village in the World shows the people surviving through with their optimisms while living in the worst living conditions. It is touching to see that the people never blame their god yet managing to hold onto their lives even when they have lost their families. It is their consciousness that is enabling them to maintain the form of life. Although it is an unfamiliar scene for the civilized society today to see yet eye-opening moments continue to unfold. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director ISHIKAWA Bon
    Screenplay ISHIKAWA Bon
    Producer ISHIKAWA Bon
    Cinematography ISHIKAWA Bon
    Art Director ISHIKAWA Bon
    Editor MINOWA Koji
    Sound Cinema Sound Works
    Music ISHIKAWA Bon
    Cast Narration: Baisho CHIEKO



Worked for Agence France Press as a staff photographer. His main theme is people and their belief, such as Ise shrine’s unknown rituals in Japan, primitive whale hunters in Indonesia, and so on. His works printed in various magazines in and outside of Japan. He won several prizes for his works including the 『The Days After』 on the Great East Japan Earthquake as the best photographer of the year by Photographic Society of Japan in 2012.