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PROGRAM - Midnight Cinema

Midnight Cinema

The Invisible Guest

DIRECTOR Oriol PAULO Midnight Cinema구분없음
Nation Spain 2016106minDCPcolor Fiction
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Adrian and Laura cause a traffic accident and attempt to cover up the case. Laura is murdered by unknown suspect and Adrian must prove his innocence in three hours.

  • Review

    Director Oriol Paulo has achieved success from his previous box office’s suspense film, The Body(2012). The Invisible Guest starts off the film with a well-known businessman named Adrian, when the hotel’s prestigious lawyer shows up to his hotel. After being falsely accused of the sudden questionable death of his love, Adrian is given only three hours to prove his innocence. Oriol Paulo’s personally wrote the script for the film; The Invisible Guest is an Alfred Hitchcock-esque dramatic thriller. The journey from finding the dead body of his lover, then being falsely accused of murder, then to having to find out what has really happened brings surprising unexpected results. The professional camera work and its elegancy of the editing create the visual tension for this thriller. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Oriol PAULO
    Screenplay Oriol PAULO
    Producer Sofia FABREGAS, Sandra HERMIDA, Nuria VALLS
    Cinematography Xavi GIMENEZ
    Art Director Eva TORRES
    Editor Jaume MARTI
    Sound Albert MANERA
    Music Fernando VELAZQUEZ
    Cast Eva LEIRA, Yolanda SERRANO



Born in 1975, Barcelona, Spain. He directed short films El foro(2001), McGuffin(1998) and feature films The Body(2012), The Invisible Guest(2016). The Body won the Audience Award at the 2013 Toulouse Cinema Festival and also be selected to the opening film at the Sitges Film Festival.