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PROGRAM - Midnight Cinema

Midnight Cinema

The Mole Song-Hong Kong Capriccio

DIRECTOR MIIKE Takashi Midnight Cinema구분없음
Nation Japan 2016128minDCPcolor Fiction
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As undercover cop Reiji takes on a new mission to takedown the Chinese mafia, elite police officer Shinya moves to arrest Reiji.

  • Review

    Reiji Kikukawa is a police without a promising future. One day, he is fired to sneak into a gang under cover of a criminal. After escaping the near death experiences, Reiji loses his intention in the process. He fails his mission to eliminate the boss but establishes himself as an important member of the gang. Then the boss gives him a dangerous mission.
    The Mole Song-Hong Kong Capriccio is a new work by Miike Takashi. Like always, his typical undercover action film pushes the boundary, emits strange, potent power, and playfully dominates the topic. This is a film adaptation of the best-selling comics by Noboru Takahashi. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director MIIKE Takashi
    Screenplay KUDO Kankuro
    Producer UEHARA Juichi, SAKA Misako, MAEDA Shigeji
    Cinematography KITA Nobuyasu
    Art Director HAYASHIDA Yuji
    Editor YAMASHITA Kenji
    Sound KOBAYASHI Keiichi
    Music ENDO Koji
    Cast IKUTA Toma, HONDA Tsubasa, Eita, TSUTSUMI Shinichi


MIIKE Takashi

Born in 1960, Oshaka, Japan. He is a highly prolific and controversial Japanese filmmaker. His films range from violent and bizarre to dramatic and family-friendly. There are his representatives Audition(1999), One Missed Call(2003), Thirteen Assassins(2010) etc. One of his films audition won the Best Popularity at the 1st Jeonju IFF.