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PROGRAM - Jeonju Dome Screening

Jeonju Dome Screening

Open at Night

DIRECTOR Edouard BAER Jeonju Dome ScreeningAsian Premiere
Nation France 201696minDCPcolor Fiction
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Luigi has one night to save his theater, to find a monkey able to climb on stage, to regain the trust of his team, and to prove to his uptight trainee that there is a different way to face a mountain of problems.

  • Review

    On the night before the opening day, Luigi, a theater manager, wanders around Paris to find a monkey for the performance and money to pay his team. The film is a series of unfortunate disasters: When he is about to solve one problem, it leads to another problem. He walks around the city as if it´s a maze. Nothing can stop him because he is a man of persistence. The film seems to enlarge a small stage of a theater to encompass the entire city of Paris through his actions. The show that unfolds on the stage of Paris is, of course, a comedy with sorrow. Luigi’s contradicting actions and words to solve the problems full of surprises represent the joy, anger, sadness, and pleasure of life. This comedy of life on the set of Paris quickly reaches its climax. <i>Open at Night</i> is a feature by Edouard Baer, a famous actor and radio personnel. [LEE Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Edouard BAER
    Screenplay Edouard BAER
    Producer Barka HJIJ
    Cinematography Yves ANGELO
    Editor Herve DE LUZE
    Sound Delphine MALAUSSENA, Thomas DESJONQUERES, Jean-Paul HURIER
    Music Alain SOUCHON
    Cast Edouard BAER, Sabrina OUAZANI, Audrey TAUTOU, Christophe MEYNET


Edouard BAER

Born in 1966, France. He studied acting at Le Cours Florent, where he met actress and director Isabelle Nanty and became her assistant. He made his film debut in 1994 with La Folie Douce(1994) by Frederic Jardin. In 2000, he wrote, directed, and produced his first film, La Bostella(2000), in which he played the lead role. He wrote and directed Akoibon(2005), and also has performed as an actor in many French films.