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PROGRAM - Jeonju Dome Screening

Jeonju Dome Screening

Asura: The City of Madness

DIRECTOR KIM Sungsoo Jeonju Dome Screening구분없음
Nation Korea 2016132minDCPcolor Fiction
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Detective Han, who has secretly done dirty work for a corrupt mayor, is pressured by prosecutors to cooperate in an investigation against the mayor. In a world like hell, villains fight for life.

  • Review

    Kim Sungsoo’s controversial work, The City of Madness is a film that goes beyond the critical point that mainline film can support ignoring community’s patriarchal system. It portrays a prejudiced view of South Korea’s society formed by envy. The forty-minute long of violent scene shows violent scene that takes place at a funeral service where everyone gets stabbed to death. There is not a single protagonist that audiences need to feel sympathy for. There is no sense of identity on patriarchal system and the violence organization will be destroyed and will continue on whether the man of power has been taken away or not. The film goes outside the box of the usual norm of punishment of the evil but rather expresses more of the South Korea’s society in despair. Jung Woo-sung’s last close up image leaves a powerful afterimage in the film. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director KIM Sungsoo
    Screenplay KIM Sungsoo
    Producer HAN Jaeduk
    Cinematography LEE Mogae
    Art Director JANG Geunyeong
    Editor KIM Sangbum, KIM Jaebum
    Music LEE Jaejin
    Cast JUNG Woosung, HWANG Jungmin, JU Jihoon, KWAK Dowon


KIM Sungsoo

Born in 1961, Seoul. He graduated in Department of Theater and Film of Dongguk University. In 1993, his exceptionally made noir debut Scream City(1993) was highly praised and won the Critic´s Award at 20th Seoul Independent Film Festival. He directed Beat(1997), City of the Rising Sun(1999), Please Teach Me English(2003), The City of Madness(2016).