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PROGRAM - Jeonju Dome Screening

Jeonju Dome Screening

The Jungle Book: The Legend of the Giant Claw

DIRECTOR Tapaas CHAKRAVARTI Jeonju Dome Screening구분없음
Nation India 201662minDCPcolor Animation
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Mowgli who is in search of the legendary creature, the Giant Claw. Along the way, he discovers the evil plan of Shere Khan and must race against time to stop it to save a friend.

  • Review

    It is a theatrical version of the Disney’s TV animation ‘Jungle Book.’ Raised by the wolves, Mowgli tries hard to prove his worth among the pack. Because of his human look, some of the wolves look down on Mowgli. Whenever he faces danger, his friends come to help him but it gets harder as a tiger named Shere Khan is always watching for an opportunity to attack him. Always seeking for help by the wolves, Mowgli is like a little child. Once Mowgli finds out Shere Khan’s scheme, he takes action to help his friends. Disney’s animation about friendship and bond. The story focuses on the animal world, but the upbringing of Mowgli projects the culture and values of human beings than any other animation work using many themes?trust, bond, betrayal, and conspiracy. Many different animal characters and their personalities also add fun to the film. [LEE Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Tapaas CHAKRAVARTI
    Producer Caterina GONNELLI, Shailaja REDDY, Aashish Kumar SAXENA
    Editor Florent PICARD
    Sound David PEACOCK
    Music Rachel JAMES, Bradley JORDAN



Born in India. He holds a Postgraduate in Business Management from Banaras Hindu University. He made a film of an Indian 3D CGI animated television series Jungle Book and also he took part in direction and production of The Jungle Book : The Legend of The Giant Claw.