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PROGRAM - Korea Cinemascape

Korea Cinemascape


DIRECTOR JOH Uiseok Korea Cinemascape구분없음
Nation Korea 2016143minDCPcolor Fiction
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With his eloquence and connections, Mr.Jin of One Network is in the massive fraud. A investigation team goes after him and presses his brain Park to reveal the secrets. A dog-eat-dog chase begins.

  • Review

    With his eloquence and connections, President Jin of One Network lures tens of thousands of people to invest. To locate the ledger and the IT room, Kim Jae Myung, the chief of the Intellectual Crime Investigation team, pressures Park Jang-gun, the company´s brain. President Jin implements a new plan, believing there’s a traitor. Master, based on an actual fraud, is cathartic as it rewards virtue and punishes vice. The big celebrities play three distinctive roles: Lee Byung-hun as an evil man, Gang Dong-won as a righteous man, and Kim Woo-bin as a repenting man. Lee Byung-hun deftly performs President Jin, who is always acting. Gang Dong-won confirms the existence of a justice practitioner with his innocent eyes. Kim Woo-bin plays the humane character, tempted by evil. From start to end, Master dashes to the conclusion in a fast pace. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director JOH Uiseok
    Screenplay JOH Uiseok
    Producer LEE Eugene
    Cinematography YOO Yok
    Art Director PARK ElHen
    Editor SHIN Minkyung
    Music DALPARAN, JANG Youngkyu
    Cast LEE Byunghun, GANG Dongwon, KIM Woobin


JOH Uiseok

Born in 1976, Korea. His directorial feature debut film, Make It Big(2002), made him promising director at the age of 26. With dynamic set of characters and by tackling a conventional genre in a witty way, He was immediately in the spotlight upon the film´s release. He directed Cold Eyes(2013), Master(2016).