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PROGRAM - Cinematology


Cinema Novo

DIRECTOR Eryk ROCHA Cinematology구분없음
Nation Brazil 201690minDCPb&w Documentary
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Cinema Novo is a poetic essay which explores one of the most important cinematographic movements in Latin-America through the thoughts of its main auteurs, and fragments of their work.

  • Review

    Cinema Novo is a film essay on Brazil’s influential cinema novo movement of the 1960 and 1970’s. Cinema Novo focuses on Brazil’s film history through a detailed anlysis of the major authors´ of the movement. Cinema Novo follows Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Glauber Rocha, Rui Guerra, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade and Eryk Rocha’s leading the excitement for a new film and its contributions to the New Wave Movement. Engulfed in revolutionary passion, Cinema Novo focuses more on bringing artistically driven perceptions to life rather than portraying historic meaning. With its artistic depth and revolutionary spirit, Cinema Novo is a powerful and creative movement that gives Brazil a brand new image. Director Eryk Rocha, the son of Glauber Rocha, shows a creative combination pieced together from extracted images and sounds. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director Eryk ROCHA
    Screenplay Eryk ROCHA, Juan POSADA
    Producer Diogo DAHL
    Editor Renato VALLONE
    Sound Edson SECCO
    Music Ava ROCHA



Born in 1978, Brasilia. He studied at San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba and produced Rocha Que voa(2002). His first feature Transeunte(2011) was invited to Istanbul, Biarritz, Vancouver IFF. It was chosen as Best Film of the Year according the Brazilian Critics’ Association. His latest film Cinema Novo had its World Premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.