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PROGRAM - Cinematology


Water and Sugar. Carlo Di Palma The Colour of Life

DIRECTOR Fariborz KAMKARI Cinematology구분없음
Nation Italy 201690minDCPcolor Documentary
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This documentary is not only the story of artistic life of Carlo Di Palma, director of photography and artist-craftsman, but also a veritable journey into Italian cinema through more than 100 films he collaborated.

  • Review

    This documentary shows the life of Carlo Di Palma, the legendary director of photography and his 100 films. He shot Michelangelo Antonioni’s Red Desert(1964)and Blow-Up(1966) as well as the early to mid-works of Woody Allen. He was the cinematographer behind the masters of Italian cinema after the 1960s such as Pasolini and Bertolucci. Carlo Di Palma is known for his unique use of colors. The special atmosphere created with these colors painted pages of the film history. He also perceived life through these colors. Of course, the cinematography is not just about colors. How he expressed the invisible tennis ball with just the camera move in the last scene of Blow-Up is amazing. While painting strokes and creating movements with his camera, his artistry became the milestone of not just Italian cinema, but also contemporary films. [LEE Sang-yong]

  • Credit

    Director Fariborz KAMKARI
    Screenplay Fariborz KAMKARI
    Producer Adriana Chiesa DI PALMA
    Cinematography Fabio ZAMARION
    Art Director Fariborz KAMKARI
    Editor Fabio NUNZIATA, Luigi CAPALBO
    Music Ritz ORTOLANI


Fariborz KAMKARI

Born in 1971, Iran, and studied cinema and theater in Tehran, Iran. Won the top jury prize at Cinequest Film Festival with his first film and competition at several festivals, including Venice Film Festival. Produced The Forbidden Chapter(2006), The Flowers of Kirkuk(2010), Pitza e datteri(2015) and his most recent film is screening in Cinematology section in Jeonju International Film Festival.