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PROGRAM - Special Focus - SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit

SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit

A Promise on the Last Day

DIRECTOR JO Gwansu SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit
Nation Korea 197482minDCPcolor Fiction
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An alleged killer abruptly enters her place. Seeing his pure conscience, she falls in love with him but their love is at stake. He said he would return by the last bus before going to Seoul. She waits for him.

  • Review

    Hyunwoo, a sculptor wanted for murder, breaks into Hyerim´s house, who lives alone. When she asks him to turn himself in, he explains why he committed the murder: Seokhyun, a poet and friend, killed himself after his wife left him for a rich man. To avenge his friend’s death, Hyunwoo shot the couple. While comforting him, Hyerim falls for him. He promises her to come back and leaves for Seoul. She waits for him at the train station.
    Jo Gwansu´s debut film is hard to put into one genre. It has long, philosophical speeches on the value of living while other parts are filled with chase scenes. It is interesting to watch the ambitious attempt to criticize the materialistic world with a touch of suspense, seasoned with eroticism. The boldness to create meaning a a limited budget through his storytelling for makes compelling scenes. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director JO Gwansu
    Screenplay SONG Gil-han
    Producer KANG Daejin
    Cinematography LEE Seokgi
    Editor KIM Huisu
    Sound YU Changguk
    Music KIM Huigap
    Cast OH Yugyeong, SHIN Yeongil, NAM Ilu, CHOI Gilho, PARK Am, JANG Hun


JO Gwansu

Born in 1946. He graduated from film department at Hanyang University. His debut film is A Promise on the Last Day(1979) written by Song Gil-han. He directed Why Do You Ask My Past?(1976) and The Land of the Morning Calm(1998) which is into the final at Deauville Asian Film Festival. He had a lecture as a professor at Graduate School of Catholic University and Department of Media at Seoul Arts College.