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PROGRAM - Special Focus - SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit

SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit

Tears of the Idol

DIRECTOR IM Kwontaek SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit구분없음
Nation Korea 1981100min35mmcolor Fiction
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Mr. Kwon is committed to make his class No.1 in the school. Yoo-dae is chosen to be the class president. As Gi-pyo, a leader of ten repeaters is assigned to the class, students tremble with fear.

  • Review

    Tears of the Idol mixes Jeon Sangguk’s novels: 『Tears of the Idol』 and 『Cry of Piglets』. The film shows the relationship between the boys who want power and a teacher. A series of the accidents that occur while taming the repeater student, Gi-pyo, is an allegory of the violence of a totalitarian order of the time in Korea. Song Gil-han added keen insights of the time while Im Kwontaek added simple, determined visual expressions to the original work. Adding to the intense subject are the awareness on the issue and how the scenes are directed. The sense of space is exceptional. The camera that moves in and out of the classroom and how it condenses and reveals the minds of the high school boys are impressive. When Gi-pyo is pushed to a corner, he hurts his stomach himself, leaving an unforgettable impression.

  • Credit

    Director IM Kwontaek
    Screenplay SONG Gil-han
    Producer KIM Hwasik
    Cinematography JUNG Ilseong
    Art Director KIM Yujun
    Editor KIM Huisu
    Music JUNG Minseop
    Cast JIN Yuyeong, PARK Geunhyeong, KIM Beomgi, LEE Gusun, KWON Giseon


IM Kwon-taek

Born in 1934. He worked from 1960´s to 2010´s. His most notable films include <i>Farewell Duman River</i> (1962), <i>Testimony</i> (1973), <i>Mandara</i> (1981).