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PROGRAM - Special Focus - SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit

SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit


DIRECTOR IM Kwontaek SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit구분없음
Nation Korea 1985105min35mmcolor Fiction
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A summer of 1983. While search campaigns for separated families sweep the country, Hwa-young who runs a happy, wealthy household goes to a TV station to find her son and gets lost in memories.

  • Review

    Song Gil-han dramatizes the personal tragedy from division, separation, and ideology through Gilsotteum. Hwayoung was raised in a beautiful town called Gilsotteum. One day, Hwayoung watches a TV show searching for separated families and finds her lover Dongjin who was parted by war. While Hwa-young reminiscences the past, she comes across with a man who is assumed to be her son Seongun. After being reunited with Dongjin, they travel to Chuncheon to meet this man. He seems worn out by life and has no love for one’s family. Despite the DNA test, everything just feels foreign. Gilsotteum shows how deep emotions gradually change into insensibility. Hwa-young cannot accept the fact of being reunited with Dongjin and her possible son. This film gives great insight into the melodramatic reality in the perspective of a suffering soul. [JANG Byungwon]

  • Credit

    Director IM Kwontaek
    Screenplay SONG Gil-han
    Producer PARK Jongchan
    Cinematography JUNG Ilseong
    Art Director KIM Yujun
    Editor PARK Sundeok
    Sound KIM Byeongsu, KIM Gyeongil
    Music KIM Jeonggil
    Cast KIM Jimi, SHIN Seongil, HAN Jiil, KIM Jimyeong, LEE Sanga


IM Kwon-taek

Born in 1934. He worked from 1960´s to 2010´s. His most notable films include <i>Farewell Duman River</i> (1962), <i>Testimony</i> (1973), <i>Mandara</i> (1981).