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PROGRAM - Special Focus - SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit

SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit


DIRECTOR IM Kwontaek SONG Gil-han, The Writer of Cinematic Spirit구분없음
Nation Korea 1986108min35mmcolor Fiction
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Ji-sook who owns a ticket-selling teahouse in Sokcho takes three ladies from a job agency. Ms. Yang and Ms. Hong are skilled to seduce men but Se-young who has a boyfriend rejects customers’ demands.

  • Review

    Ji-sook, who owns a cafe that offers coffee as well as prostitution, hires three female workers from a job agency: Ms. Hong who has to pay her dad’s hospital bills, Ms. Yang who wants to be an actress, and naive Se-young who takes care of her family and her boyfriend’s tuition.
    This seemingly common film with a twist of social criticism contains serious, dark insights. The survival method that these characters take cannot be easily understood by common moral standards. The humane sentiments push them into corners. They are not unhappy because they are poor: they are unhappy because of the human flaws that make them greedy due to the poor circumstances. They are the disadvantaged who only have immoral choices. Director Im Kwontaek ruthlessly depicts the bare facets of humanity while screenwriter Song Gilhan sees it with cold eyes. [KIM Youngjin]

  • Credit

    Director IM Kwontaek
    Screenplay SONG Gil-han
    Producer KIM Jimi
    Cinematography GU Jungmo
    Art Director WON Giju
    Editor PARK Sundeok
    Sound KIM Byeongsu, KIM Gyeongil
    Music SHIN Byeongha
    Cast KIM Jimi, AHN Soyeong, Myeonghui, LEE Hyeyeong, JEON Seyeong


IM Kwontaek

Born in 1936, Jangseong, Jeollanam-do. He began production department work with The novel of JangHwaHongRyeon(1956) directed by Jung Chnag-hwa and he experienced apprentice method. His debut film is Farewell Duman River(1962). Since then he have been released 102 movies. Chihwaseon(2002) won the Best Director Prize at Cannes which is about Jang Seung-eop who is the artist in the late of Joseon period.